BEYERS Condition & Care منتجات بايرز للعناية بالحمام

The BEYERS Condition & Care range has already been optimised. These products complement our mixtures to meet the needs of modern pigeon racing. Demands are increasingly heavy, pigeons are being raced further and more frequently, and at the same time rest periods are shorter. Speedy and appropriate adjustments are therefore recommended in the different seasons.

The BEYERS Condition & Care range represents:

  • Extra added value: functional and effective.
  • Quality.
  • Based on expertise and with realistic claims.
  • Scientifically underpinned.

The new look & feel of our BEYERS packs fully support the communication of these core messages. We have also made our packaging more recognisable and easier to use for pigeon fanciers and for you, our specialist retail partner.


We are confident that these investments in the whole BEYERS range mean we can look forward to a bright future.