KAMPOL حبوب كامول

As a family-owned company was founded 29 February 1988. The core business was the wholesale trade of agri-food products. After years of huge dose of experience in March 2000 arises Manufacturing and Service Company called KAMPOL.

The company, together with the entire facility is built from the beginning in a lovely village situated in Rusiec, Lodz province  (central Poland) and is owned by Christopher Łuźniak.

The main activity of the company is whole year-round buying and selling grains, seeds and cereals  for consumption and industrial usage, oilseeds, pulses, legumes, exotic, etc. The company is a producer of pigeons feed, shelled halves peas and ground millet.

The company's strategy is the progressive development, continuous modernization of the factory, a modern quality management, introduction of innovative solutions, customer logistics service and high quality products.

The company's goal is to increase range of products and focused marketing efforts to expand sales, increase market shares on the domestic market, EU and EW and also, keeping a positive image of the company such as growth and development of consumer confidence and other entities in the image of the logo as well as to maintain its quality and visibility among other companies.

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