BENZING Live! Smart Hub 5

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Uniting the world of pigeon sports online


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integrated
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensors for monitoring your loft
  • Online Update Function

You’ve probably come to expect regular tech updates from your current smartphone provider – even though it may be hard to imagine how they can improve on the speed, features and beauty of your existing model!

At BENZING our approach to tech is no different. Once we’ve unveiled the latest innovations for our BENZING suite of race products, we’re straight back to working on new developments so we can continue to bring you the very best, game-changing feature updates year after year.

Think your BENZING model can’t get any faster, safer or more feature-rich? Think again!

The BENZING Live Smart Hub 5 will be able to handle the functions of the SMART HUB 4, new functions can be updated “over air”. 

What is the upgrade?

Our Smart Hub 4 has been upgraded to Smart Hub 5 and new features include:

  • An internal 2G-3G-4G antenna
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as standard
  • Upgraded smart loft diagnostics to show the current status of all devices connected in your loft
  • Compatibility with an optional BENZING Smart Loft Sensor TH1 for optimum temperature and humidity measurement in the loft
  • An integrated continuous clocking module to register pigeons even while you are in the club your clock which is not connected at this time
  • Our online firmware update function ensures every day maintenance is now hands-free

The BENZING Live Smart Hub 5 will initially be able to handle the functions of the Smart Hub 4, while new functions can be updated via the Cloud. It should already be possible to use the Bluetooth functions for the new BENZING Smart Loft Sensors by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2021.


  • Live transmission of the arrival data
  • Easily oversee and edit race data
  • Manage community and club flights
  • Receive push notifications to mobile devices

With BENZING Live Smart Hub 5 pigeon fanciers can access a wide range of essential live and recorded data. For example, they can follow the arrival times of their own pigeons live and compare them with the data of other fanciers’ pigeons and download a PDF report.

BENZING Live Smart Hub is perfectly compatible with all our pigeon clocks, including the BENZING M1, G2 Express Clock and the new M3. Simply connect our hardware to the clock.