BENZING Station ( OLR )

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The Security of a Second Clock

The BENZING Station is the ideal completion to the BENZING M1, and a must for all fanciers if they would like to get the most out of their clocking system. It offers a variety of functions and combines clubPOINT and INN all in just one unit.

The Advantages:

  • Easy to handle thanks Plug & Play
  • Continuous clocking without the BENZING M1 clock
  • Additional storage (backup) of all flight data
  • Connection for matrix and laser printers
  • SMS messaging via mobile phones/modem
  • Compatibility with the existing equipment
  • Highly-audible sound signals
  • High security


  • 1x DB9(F) for PLB antennae
  • 1x PMDIN socket for older antennae
  • 1x DB25(F) parallel printer interface
  • 1x DB9(M) to connect PC or SMS modem
  • 1x power connection