Benzing M2

Regular price Dhs. 3,250.00


Delivering smart features for an exceptional price

Introducing the all-new BENZING M2 – our next generation BENZING pigeon clock that’s packed with all the features for today’s modern race needs – and so much more.

The M2 is perfect for pigeon fanciers around the world who keep smaller to medium-sized lofts, but who desire the value of high level technology from a highly trusted and skilled manufacturer.


The clock comes with the benefit of a full-colour touchscreen as standard, and is also ultra-light for easy portability and convenience.

The clock’s lifetime battery (guaranteed for 40 years as also known with the M3) means that no battery servicing is required and any updates can be done by the pigeon fanciers themselves.

The M2 can process up to 500 pigeons in its memory, handle an unlimited number of simultaneous races, and connect to 8 antennas at any one time.