Mixm Parrots - 15 Kg

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Mixture highly enriched with vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet of parrots and parakeets, rich in nutrients from seeds, fruits and selected cereals.

Loros y cotorras COMPLETE FOOD FOR PETS C.

Analitica aprox.: Proteina 12,27 % Fibra 14,39 % Grasa 12,24 % Calcio 0,11 % Sodio 0,04% Fosforo 0,27 % COMPOSICION Cerob. Penaut, Safflower, Barley, Beans, Pegs, Maize. Wheet. Dryed banana, Maize fiskes, peas flakes, colores breadcrumbs. Imported by Al Bahjah.TR Humedad 8,08 % 15 kg