MVH Cat Weight Control Dry Cat Food(3kg) طعام القطط الجاف للتحكم في الوزن

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  • Healthy and tasty weight loss
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Inhibits inflammatory processes
  • Also suitable for overweight with diabetes

MERAVITAL WEIGHT CONTROL is a high premium diet dry food developed by veterinarians and nutritionists that meets all the requirements of a professional reduction diet. The combination of a high protein content, low energy content and effective L-carnitine gradually breaks down excess fat reserves in the body – and all this while maintaining the muscles. Of course, your cat will be supplied with all the important nutrients during this time, so that even if the food is used for a longer period of time, there will be no deficiencies. The increased fiber content supports the feeling of satiety and promotes even digestion

Meravital Weight Control should only be fed on the recommendation of a veterinarian and under appropriate medical supervision.