Ornicure 150 mg/g

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Product presentation

Treatment of respiratory tract infections, ornithosis (chlamydiophyla), mycoplasmosis and ocular infections in pigeons

box of 8 sachets

  • High activity against gram-positive en gram-negative bacteria
  • Fast and complete absorption
  • High penetration in tissues
  • Long-acting antibiotic
  • Second generation tetracycline

Directions for use

1 sachet of ORNICURE per 1,25 litres of deionized drinking water during at least 5 days (and by infection of ornithosis minimum 30 days)

In case of insufficient liquid intake (e.g. in the winter) please adjust the dosage.

  • Completely water soluble in deionized water
  • High stability in drinking water
  • Simple and easy drinking water medication
  • Safe dosage