ShellCA Bird Grit Bird Sand 1000 Gram

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100% digestible calcium for birds

Birds' ingestion of soluble sand is essential for both behavioral and nutritional benefits. Shellca birdgrit specially ground for all cages and large birds  The mussel shells together with soluble pebbles are fully digestible and provide a natural source of calcium that all birds need throughout the year.

Should we offer sand to the birds?

All birds have two parts in the stomach. The first is the digestive process of digestive enzymes.
It is the proventricular stomach that it helps to start. The second part of the stomach is stony
(or muscular stomach).
Some birds have a thicker gizzard and eat small stones and sand on the ground.
Thus, when hard substances such as seeds and shells enter the digestive system,
The thick muscles in the gizzard help break up the food along with the sand. Easy
This stage is very important for digestion and nutrient absorption.
Small cage birds, like pigeons, also ingest shell seeds.
They need to eat some insoluble sand (or gravel) to help. such birds
They usually eat the seeds whole and grind the seeds to digest them.
They need insoluble grain.
All pet birds need plenty of calcium in their diet.
Calcium deficiency can also be a problem for caged birds and is easily
They may encounter other problems due to its deficiency. Therefore, calcium
It is important to feed nutrient-rich foods and supplements. Because soluble sand
Like oyster shells, it is mostly digested in the proventriculus, food particles
Not much used for grinding, essential by birds but little in their diet
It is very beneficial to take the calcium and some minerals found into the body. in females
It is especially vital for the egg. high to form their eggs
They need large amounts of calcium, and their eggshells are almost pure.
It consists of calcium. In addition, calcium in feathers and seasonal transitions,
Sufficient amounts of selenium and other trace minerals
During the preparation period for the cycle, it increases the resistance of the immune system to diseases.
Provides protection against
Birds following a whole-seed diet and not given mineral supplements
There will be a lack of calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements. Calcium,
Aids in stronger bone growth and normal nerve, brain and muscle function
It works together with phosphorus and magnesium to become
Shellca bird grit easily reinforces all these deficiencies.