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ShellCA NATURAL HEALTH CARE Shellca Pigeon Mineral Special Pack Pigeon Split Mineral Supplement

ShellCA NATURAL HEALTH CARE PIGEON MINERAL SPECIAL PACK PIGEON MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Pigeon Granular Mineral Mixture Sand 1KG X 20 PCS /800-4800 micron 4 NATURAL COLORED Mineral Containing Grains and red clay. DOES NOT CONTAIN COLOURANT, DYE, OVERCONSUMPTION SUBSTANCES! INTENDED USE: It is a feed additive developed to regulate the pre-digestive system of pigeons so that the gizzard organ can fulfill its function efficiently, increase the rate of feed efficiency, and meet the calcium and other trace mineral substance needs in sufficient amounts and at the right level. INGREDIENTS: Contains calcium carbonate, feldspar, quartz, montmorillanite, illite, sodium chloride, herbal extracts and by-products according to the type (0,02). NO artificial colorants and dyes • The stated benefits and interaction process may vary by species. • Do not pour or sprinkle anywhere other than the special feeder. • It is not recommended to use this product with drugs and chemical additives. • THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A DRUG, IT IS A FEED ADDITIVE, IT IS NOT USED FOR TREATMENT PURPOSES. • It does not have any negative effects for humans, animals and the environment. • Consult your veterinarian in unexpected situations. • Production and recommended consumption date (TETT) is on the lid. • Do not buy opened and TETT products. • Store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. OTHER DEFINITIONS OF OUR PRODUCT KNOWN BY CUSTOMERS: FIVE PIGEON MINERAL TEN MINERAL SAND COLUMNS MINERAL SECTION STONE SPLIT SAND MINERAL SAND KURSAK STONE COLOR MINERAL COLOR COLOR COLOR MINERAL KUMTALI KUT MINERALIM CATALKI KUT MINERAL KUMTAS MATERIALS INDUSTRY DIC AND FOREIGN TRADE. LTD. It is a registered trademark of ŞTİ. PERSONS AND BUSINESSES WITHOUT "AUTHORIZED DEALER" TITLE/CERTIFICATE WITHIN TURKEY CANNOT SALE AND MARKETING ShellCA BRANDED PRODUCTS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DIC AND FOREIGN TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ'a registered all trademarks