ShellCA Red Clay Pigeon Red Clay 4000 Gram

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  • ShellCA PIGEON RED CLAY 4000g Granular Heat Treated Clay Mixture for Pigeon 20 KG/800-4800 micron CONTAINS NATURAL CLAY TYPES WITH STRONG ABSORBING EFFECT. DOES NOT CONTAIN COLOURANT, DYE, OVERCONSUMPTION SUBSTANCES! INTENDED USE: It is used to keep the performances at optimum level by binding mycotoxins that may cause economic losses such as aflatoxin, T-2, zeralenone, patulin, trichothecene and ochratoxin, which may occur in feed and feed raw materials. Its content is effective on many of mycotoxins. It is used to prevent yield losses and mycotoxicosis caused by mycotoxins. CONTENT: It contains Feldspar, quartz, Kaolinite, Biotite, Microcline, illite, montmorillanite, sodium chloride. DOES NOT CONTAIN COLOR AND DYE.